About us
                      About us

                       Huzhou peak Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2002, in the beginning of 2011 to expand production capacity. Zhejiang province science and technology oriented enterprises. Is located in Nanxun District, Huzhou City, 168, the company covers an area of 70 acres; 26000 square meters of factory building area; design and production capacity: 20000 tons annual output of 7300 tons of iron castings, 52550000 tons of iron castings production, sales of yuan (including tax). Zhejiang province is the largest crankshaft casting production enterprises. Companies with national key energy-saving, material saving, high-quality, green, clean production promotion of new technology - - iron mould tectorial sand (also known as "iron coated sand" below) casting technology in the production of various kinds of high quality castings. Strong technical force, with the national iron type sand casting technology promotion project technology support units: Zhejiang Province, the Research Institute of mechanical and electrical design has established a strategic partnership, with three people enjoy the State Council allowance has a technical adviser professor level titles, and all kinds of high and mid-level professional and technical personnel 27 people, which directly engaged in research and development of scientific and technological personnel 15 people. The company is equipped with (including 29 channel spark direct reading spectrometer) perfect physical and chemical analysis, mechanical properties testing, furnace of rapid analysis, hot metal temperature measurement system, through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.
                      Company uses 4 sets of 1 ton of medium frequency induction furnace. The four iron coated sand casting production line, including 2 automatic iron mould tectorial sand casting production line, and is provided for new product development test was developed by iron mould tectorial sand equipment, iron mould tectorial sand casting production line equipment in the domestic advanced level, Zhejiang Province by letter committee machine substitution project demonstration enterprise; core making equipped with 4 sets of horizontal type, vertical type hot core box shoot core machine, casting cleaning with Q3120 types 1, Q378 types of a casting blast cleaning machine, and is equipped with independent ventilation and dust removal device of sanding cleaning equipment.
                      Company's main products are: engine, refrigeration compressor, air compressor, such as the crankshaft rough, diesel engine parts, elevator accessories, injection molding machine parts, electrical accessories, engineering machinery parts, pump parts and other high-end quality castings. Company's products have been the world's 500 strong Group (Carrier), Elevator (Germany), the company's supplier qualification, production of air compressor crankshaft, walking wheel, pump body and other casting products, sold to the United States and Finland, Germany and other European countries. Crankshaft and auto parts supporting SINOTRUK, China YITUO Group, Anhui quanchai group, Zhejiang Asia Pacific shares, and sold to Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong and other areas of the auto parts processing machinery enterprises.
                      Company is very new technology, new technology, new products, new equipment development and application, has a very strong technical development capabilities, the development of iron type sand casting crankshaft new technology and new products, three passed the national science and technology innovation and new product identification, its production technology and product quality has reached the leading level of domestic similar products, Zhejiang province was rated as high-tech products. The successful development of the high power diesel engine timing gear chamber, access to the national science and Technology Ministry of science and technology of small and medium enterprises innovation fund project funding. The company obtained two invention patents, seven utility model patents.
                      The company has always been in production for the purpose of energy conservation, the establishment of energy management system, the company's energy consumption for scientific and effective management, the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of the same type of production enterprises advanced level. The advanced application of iron mould tectorial sand casting production technology, realize the castings feederless foundry and as cast pearlite ductile iron production, reduce the production cost by more than 15%, the casting process of the green and clean production.
                      The company pays great attention to the environmental protection work of the production process, the production process of all kinds of pollution sources for effective control. The furnace, cleaning polishing municipal dust multiple municipal configuration of ventilation and dust removal equipment, which greatly improved the workshop environment and operating conditions. Each year the local environmental monitoring department of the company's production environment monitoring, has reached the national and local standards for environmental protection standards.
                      The company pays great attention to occupational health and safety and labor protection, and has formulated the regulations on labor protection and safety production. On each type of work according to the relevant provisions of the requirements of a regular distribution of labor protection products, and the staff of regular physical examination, to ensure the health and safety of workers. At the same time, dust, harmful gas, noise and other production sites with the corresponding ventilation and dust removal facilities. Received the State Administration of production safety supervision and administration of safety production standardization of three enterprises certificate.
                      Every year, the company has set up a training plan, the training of the staff of the relevant skills, and regular special positions of the technical staff to send out, professional skills training. Enterprise special operation, chemical testing and other special positions of the certified rate reached 100%.
                      The company will move towards technology, based on the direction of the casting, diversification, the next few years, the goal is to extend the product to the rough machining or finished processing, in order to improve the added value of products and the company's market competitiveness. Actively implement the brand strategy, make full use of the brand to develop the market, establish brand awareness, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of the market.